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Monday, August 28th, 2006
2:02 pm
The Cuppa Cafe - article in the Boston Phoenix
The Cuppa Cafe
Through the Lens - is a new exhibit at the Cuppa Cafe of the photography of Fiona Madigan.  Her work is likely to be unknown to most as she is currently working for the Boston PD as a crime scene photographer.  Not to fear - she shows none of the gruesome images she creates for Boston's Finest in this series, instead Fiona's offerings are pieces which focus on revealing the essense of things.  The artwork will be for sale. 

The exhibit opens with a small reception on Friday September 8th.
Monday, July 31st, 2006
12:42 pm
Miles' phone greeting
"You have reached the voice mail for Miles, I am sorry that I cannot answer your call. I will be traveling from Monday July 31st through Sunday August 23rd. I will be checking my messages daily, so if the matter is urgent I will get back to you today. Otherwise, I will contact you on Monday August 24th. Take care, Miles" *beep*
Sunday, July 2nd, 2006
8:48 pm
Info about Dr. Zhao
Dr. Zhao is becoming a character of interest, so I am posting the following information about him which has thus far been revealed in game. How much (if any) of this your character knows is up to you. I've recommended a few attributes (by no means comprehensive), but I think its more important the the info be made public than kept secret.

[Government, Immigration, Intelligence]
Dr. Zhao is a North Korean national, who came to the US for asylum fleeing political persecution. It is rumored that in North Korea he worked for the State Safety & Security Agency.

[Education, Medicine, Corporate]
Zhao was educated at Harvard, where he worked part time as an EMT, and later interned with a company which would be aquired by AccuVax. Dr. Zhao has maintained close relations with AccuVax to this day, though he has not offcially worked for the company since then. After he received his degree, Dr. Zhao worked as the attending physician at the Briarwood Private School in Vermont.

[Underworld, Police, FBI]
Currently Dr. Zhao is a nororious underworld figure, who serves as a freelance interrogator, and has a reputation for getting anyone to talk. He is believed to be in Boston currently, working for the Syndicate.
6:42 pm
Boston Globe Online Article
from Boston.com, your connection to The Boston Globe. Story in Editorial and Opinion page

Corruption Allegations Well Warranted

The Boston Police Department has been under a haze of allegations regarding corruption and a web of bribery since long before last weeks resignation of Assistant DA James Munro, and the end does not seem to be anywhere in sight. Despite Commissioner O'Toole's promise to root out the problems, which is widely considered a publicity move to buy time until her departure, trouble seems to follow the beleaguered department. Crime is at an astonishing high this year, especially in homicides (29) and non-fatal shootings (160), most of these centered around the Dorchester area, long a hot spot of gang activity. Drugs have also posed an issue for Hub cops, and even with federal help, in the form of the recent Operation Money Man, as well as the large pot ring broke up by state troops last month, rumors continue to swirl that investigators are dragging their feet in prosecuting several individuals, most especially those involved in the so called "Syndicate Case". The most recent actions of our intrepid boys in blue just about prove this. Not only have the Boston PD released all those arrested in the second wave of local Money Man arrests, but sources have told this reporter that they are considering a plea bargain from Donald McLaughlin in testimony against his former fellows. This has to end! We pay taxes to be protected, not to let the criminals hide behind whatever cop they can buy this week!

The Boston Globe would like to remind its readers that the above article in no way represents the opinions of the Globe ownership or general staff, and are the sole beliefs of the author.
Thank You.
Saturday, July 1st, 2006
10:42 pm
Boston Herald, page 23
This story appears in tomorrows edition of the herald, and a similar story appears in the globe. Both are just blurbs, slotted in with the rest of the police blotter.

The bodies of Alan White and Mickey Valentine were recovered from Quabbin
Resevoir today. The police are not releasing any details of the incident,
although foul play is suspected. The two men are know to have had ties to
various crime families in the Boston area. More details as they are
Friday, June 30th, 2006
2:46 pm
Tuesday, June 27th, 2006
12:21 pm
To clear up any missunderstanding, the post about the Drug bust was published when it was posted, Monday afternoon. The date in the story is the date the final arrests were made, most of which were in Prague.
12:48 am
Monday, June 26th, 2006
3:16 pm
post relayed over various news services
June 23, 2006


A total of 13 defendants have been arrested in recent weeks for their involvement in an international drug ring that allegedly imported millions of doses of the club drug “Ecstasy” from Europe into the United States. As a result of Operation Money Man, authorities have seized well over 600,000 doses of Ecstasy with a street value of nearly $14 million.

            Authorities in Boston announced the case today following arrests Monday of five defendants and the seizure of approximately 160,000 tablets of Ecstasy (3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine, or MDMA). The case is the result of a joint, international undercover operation that included the OCDETF, Drug Enforcement Administration, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the Boston Police Department, and Austrian and Czech authorities.

            The five arrests this week, and eight other arrests in recent weeks, cap a two-year investigation known as Operation Money Man that was conducted by the Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force (OCDETF), which includes agents from ICE and DEA, as well as investigators from the Boston Police Department. The individuals arrested are accused of being part of an international coalition that trafficked in Ecstasy and laundering the monetary profits of the illegal trade. During the arrests, the OCDETF recovered in excess of $73 million dollars in hard currency, and has frozen various accounts totaling approximately $13.5 billion dollars, making this the second largest bust in OCDETF history.

            According to criminal complaints filed in this case, the investigation began in March 2004 when ICE agents learned that a group comprised primarily of Irish Nationals were trafficking Ecstasy in the Cambridge area. The investigation quickly focused on Sean Malony, the head of an organization that imported Ecstasy from Europe with help from associates in the Czech Republic. Over the last year, investigators believe the European ring shipped more than 7 million Ecstasy tablets from the Czech Republic to the United States, Australia, Poland and Russia. Criminal complaints filed in federal court in Boston allege that Malony and co-conspirators laundered drug trafficking proceeds through loan fraud, and real estate transactions handled by various Boston area investment firms.

Those arrested on Monday were:

• Damien Benes, 44, of Prague, who headed a European organization that shipped Ecstasy to Boston;
• Vaclav Pitas, 50, of Prague, who oversaw distribution for Benes’ organization;
• Nimrod Haim, 27, of Prague, who brokered Ecstasy deals between Pitas and Malony;
• Martin Celner, 40, of Boston, who is associated with Benes’ organization; and
• Bohumil Chudoba, 62, of Cambridge, who was arrested when he delivered approximately 160,000 Ecstasy tablets to an undercover law enforcement officer.

            In June, ICE and DEA agents, aided by officers from the Boston, Cambridge, and Back Bay Fens Police Departments, the Boston Sheriff’s Department, and the Boston Interagency Metropolitan Police Apprehension Crime Task Force (IMPACT), arrested Malony and six members of his organization believed to be part of a larger organization know only as the Syndicate. Those arrested were:

• Malony, also known as “Lucky” and “Kuku” (“ponytail” in Gaelic), 29, of Back Bay Fens;
• Frank Quinn, 38, of Cambridge, who allegedly helped Malony launder drug proceeds through real estate transactions;
• Fergus Shannon, 30, of Brookline, an alleged Ecstasy distributor;
• Eamon O'Ryan, 35, of Jamaicaway, who trafficked in Ecstasy;
• Ronan McCarthy, 29, of Cambridge, who allegedly purchased Ecstasy from Malony and acted as a courier;
• Sean Gallagher, 39, of Sommersville, who allegedly arranged for the transportation of Ecstasy to the United States on behalf of Malony; and
• Brian Mac Ateer, 20, of Chelsea, who allegedly traveled to Belgium to ship Ecstasy tablets to the United States.

A 13th defendant in the case, Donald McLaughlin, 20, of Boston, was in state custody on narcotics charges at the time of the takedown.

            Malony is being held without bail. The government has until October 26 to indict him and the other defendants.

            Michael J. Garcia, Assistant Secretary of Homeland Security for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, stated: “These criminals trafficked Ecstasy and laundered their profits through bank fraud and real estate transactions handled by various Boston area investment firms. This investigation demonstrates the global reach of federal law enforcement to take drugs off the street and seize the profits from these criminal networks.

            Throughout the investigation, American law enforcement received substantial support from the Austrian National Police, the Belgium Federal Police, the Czech National Police, the Spanish National Police and the Israeli National Police.

Release No. 04-122
Saturday, June 24th, 2006
10:34 am
Token status
I have spent 4 tokens.
I have received 4 tokens from 4 different people.
I have agreed to give and receive a token at the same time twice, for a zero net gain.

Friday, June 23rd, 2006
10:37 am
Dr. Jill Santos
Jill is a resident at Mt Auburn Hospital. She has been a long time roomate to Elisabeth Harrington, more recently to Fionna Madigan and previously Katie Madigan. She seems to always be at work though she tries to find time to hang out with her roomates to relax when her residency allows.
Thursday, June 22nd, 2006
11:20 pm
Boston Globe article, 6/22/06 in the local news section
Assistant district attorney James Munro has resigned, effective this morning. No cause for his resignation has been listed but allegations of bribes and corruption in the Boston PD implicated Munro in the scandal. Police Commissioner O'Toole, though leaving Boston shortly, promised a full investigation.

Filling in the place left vacant by Munro will be a Boston local Jennifer Simmons. Ms. Simmons brings many years of legal experience to the job.

[the article goes on to talk at length how Munro's corruption is the reason crime in Boston has gotten so bad recently]

[OOC: i am taking over the g.bostonpd@gmail.com account, as this gives me access to the police plots. please feel free to contact me and the police there]
Wednesday, June 21st, 2006
3:35 pm
Thursday, June 8th, 2006
12:17 pm
Monday, June 5th, 2006
1:50 pm
12:26 am
Public News Flash
Just in...

There was yet another attempt on Jonathan Harrngton's life last evening. Two Federal Marshals who were on hand prevented the certain death of Mr. Harrington, who is currently lying defenseless in a coma. The suspect was unfortunately able to flee the scene of the crime in a stolen ambulance. The FBI refuses to comment at this time. Jonathan Harrington is currently one of the suspects in the disappearance of Thomas Flynn , executive for AccuVax who was last seen on the 21st of May.
12:21 am
12:19 am
Sunday, June 4th, 2006
11:43 pm
Wednesday, May 31st, 2006
10:32 am
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